Sermon Videos

God is a Warrior

Staying God Focused In this Crazy World

Powerless Christians 

Religious Spirits Part II

Religious Spirits Part I

When a Stronger Than He Comes

Portal Wars

The Children's Bread

Deliverer of My Soul

Identifying Slow Burns in the Body of Christ

The Triumph of Christ


The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak

The High Calling of God pt. II

The High Calling of God pt. 1

The Righteousness of Christ

Peter's Repentance

And The Door Was Shut

The Word, The Blood, & The Name pt. II

The Word, The Blood & The Name Part I

I AM The Supreme God, Deliverer, Possessor

When Will God Be Enough?


While Men Slept

Effective Kingdom Workers Part II

Effective Kingdom Workers

I AM The Spirit of Counsel

I AM The Resurrection

I AM The Foundation of the World

I AM The Light of the World

I AM the Covenant God, is there anything too hard for the Lord?

The Spirit of Asmodeus, marriage breaking spirit, Pastor Raja Balasingh

The Gifts of the Spirit Pastor Raja Balasingh

Satan's Tricks and His Methods Pastor Raja Balasingh

Being A Committed Christian-Dr. James Landry

I Am Noah's Ark in a World Still Filled With Sin pt 2

The Dangers of Freedom

I AM Noah in a World Filled With Sin pt. 1

A Father is Hard to Find

Memorial Day, A Day of Reflection

Power, Authority Versus A Hard Heart Pt. III

Power, Authority Versus A Hard Heart Pt. II

Power, Authority Versus A Hard Heart, Pt. I

To be Battle Ready is to Inquire of the Lord

I Am He Who Searches the Heart & Mind

Prayer that brings revival

Soul Ties Part 1

God's Protection

Enemies of the Cross




Man in the mirror, what god do you serve?

Casting Your Cares

A Preacher Married a Prostitute Part I

A Light Has Sprung Up

The Preacher Married a Prostitute

Offenses In The Church

Your Works

The Word

See, Hear, Do Part 2

See, Hear, Do Part 1

Master Over Him


The Great Divide

Is It Really Mother's Day?

This Kind

The Holy Spirit & Warfare

Evil Hereditary Traits

Clearing the Land Part 2

Clearing the Land Part 1

Clearing the Land Part 3